Ann Chen

Fitline Dance Exercise

FitLine is an exercise routine with a combination of basic Ballroom Dance figures and QiGong (Ancient Chinese exercise). The dances I teach range from American Smooth, Waltz, Rumba, Samba, ChaChaCha, Charleston, jive, salsa, bachata, Tango and Line Dancing. I use the QiGong to cool down (at the end of the class).

I believe the combination of Ballroom Dance and QiGong provides the most effective way to improve one's Chi (deep mindful breathing and movements in QiGong) and the dances provide the most enjoyable way to reduce stress, improve mobility, flexibility, memory and confidence.

Dancing is my passion. It makes me happy and people dancing with me happy. I would like the happiness to spread wide and far and reach those who have no dance partners or think they have two left feet.

Through FitLines, I would like to show that everyone is able to dance and enjoy their dancing.

I am currently taking my IDTA (International dance teachers association) ballroom teaching examination. At the moment, I am qualified to teach ballroom waltz, quickstep and foxtrot.

I am also the founder and organiser of Tango Cotswold and I teach Argentine Tango (Salon Tango). I organised tango show in the Winchcombe Country Show, which has been reported in Echo newspaper and Radio Winchcombe.

I also organise charity dance parties each year for local charities, which are always full of positive energy. I truly believe that the healing power of dance can be used as an integral part of the holistic way of life.

Apart from dancing, I am also a very keen photographer and I love the beauty of nature and wildlife, which is very therapeutic. I am also very interested in meditation, listening to music, camping in wild places…

Mobile: 07947 084982