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Andrea Marsh

Offers support to women going through the menopause

Get complete clarity on how to handle your hormones, your energy level and your health with knowledge, understanding of supplements and how to manage your own lifestyle changes, plus what therapies can do for you during your transition years.

Andrea Marsh is an FwSS Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, trained at the Shiatsu College London for 3 years, qualifying in 2008.

Andrea began her journey in therapies over 25 years ago when she had extensive cranial osteopathy for back, neck and jaw issues. Over time therapies evolved until she found Shiatsu and realised how powerful it was in mind and body. Also a qualified Canine Shiatsu Practitioner Andrea has been a full-time practitioner in Cheltenham for the past 4 years.

2 years ago Andrea started looking into how Shiatsu can help women alleviate Menopause symptoms and has had success in this area, now specialising in it and has started up Cotswold Menopause. Andrea now does regular talks and workshops for women at any stage of the menopause, both private and corporate.


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