Adam Lloyd

Helping clients with personal fitness and nutrition advice

I work with people to help them get the best performance out of a specific aspect of their lives. Working with people in sport, business and those with a busy work/life/home balance I educate and support my clients to adopt a view of health that takes in how and what you eat as well as exercise.

I am a keen amateur sportsman and have worked in the corporate world for 16 years - having addressed and overcome my own personal challenges I am well placed to help you make positive change in your own life. I work in partnership with my clients, building a relationship with them where they trust that I will always act in their best interests. We all know the answers where nutrition is concerned, but implementing those answers in our day-to-day lives is where I can help.

I fell in love with the power of good nutrition when I was struggling with injuries and pushing myself to beat my running PBs, training harder and harder but not seeing the results. I had a good understanding of fitness having played sports all my life but I had no idea about the power and influence of food to fuel my efforts. I went to see a nutritionist and it was the change I needed. I loved the session so much that by the end I was asking my nutritionist how she got to where she was now. I wanted to do the same. And that started my journey to becoming a nutritionist myself. Now I want to help you achieve and exceed your goals.