Jenny Etheredge

The first in a series of gatherings that will help us tap into nature’s cyclical patterns to create a sense of rhythm and flow in our lives that moves in tune with the seasons. A place where we can connect to the magic of life through movement, story, rituals and kitchen wisdom. The wheel of time is always turning: Samhain marks the beginning of a new year in the Celtic calendar and is one of the two major fire festivals. Samhain is a portal that takes us into the darkest time of year – a liminal time when the veil between worlds is thin. The clocks are going back and the days are getting shorter so come and spend time in deep relaxation, exploring gentle movement and seasonal practices that will help you embrace this time of year.

Ideal for:

- those with an interest in the Wheel of the Year and living in tune with nature’s cycles

- those looking to explore the old Celtic festivals and discover more about the festival of Samhain