Kimberley Pena

This experiential talk is for anyone who is interested in exploring what is feeding our relationship with food and how this impacts our mind and body. Mindful that we live in a society bombarded with information about health and nutrition, this talk aims to simplify and holistically understand what may be driving our behaviours and how we can better support ourselves.

This is the first in a series of three Mind and Body talks delivered by Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist Kimberley Pena who works in both the NHS mental health service and private practice in Cheltenham. Kimberley will be joined by guest speaker Emma Baty (a Registered Dietician), offering a holistic insight into the myths surrounding nutrition, and how this may be impacting our relationship with food.

Kimberly will explore the relationships we have developed with food in a culture obsessed with body size and dieting, and look at how we might challenge these relationships via increased understanding of food choice and behaviour. The impact that nutritional intake has on mental health will also be discussed, as well as the psychology behind disordered eating.

The talk will be facilitated in a safe, non-judgmental manner with sensitivity to the subject matter and will incorporate ways of exploring the topic beyond a merely verbal approach.