Jenny Etheredge

A women’s health yoga therapy class filled with inspiration and practical wisdom – both modern and ancient - to support and nourish women in all stages of life. Learn how to tap into the power of cyclical patterns to create a sense of vitality, balance, rhythm and flow that will help you to navigate life’s ups and downs.

Classes will take a yoga therapy approach to women’s health, vitality and wellbeing, sharing supportive practices for healthy menstruation, menstrual challenges, menopause (pre & post) as well as practices for general health. You’ll learn self-care techniques that will provide support and nourishment when needed, including movement, breathwork, kitchen wisdom, ritual and simple ceremony. We will also work with the chakras – the subtle body in yoga – and a variety of goddess archetypes.

On this course we will also explore the relationship between good pelvic health and overall health and wellbeing, and explore techniques that will help you look after your pelvic and pelvic floor health.