Wendy Ellyat

Tuesday 21/05/2019   7.00PM - 8.30PM

Amidst shocking statistics on children’s declining mental and emotional health in the UK, there is a beacon of hope. You are invited to join Wendy Ellyatt for a stimulating and inspiring evening as she talks about her own thirty-year adventure into what really makes a ‘good life’ and how we can all help to create a better world for our children and grandchildren.

Across the world people have been exploring ways in which we can better measure development and progress in terms of human wellbeing. A number of challenges have arisen in the approaches undertaken by different countries and cultures, but there has been clear agreement that measures of GDP alone are not sufficient and that we need to develop a more holistic global approach. There has also been clear agreement that the current systems are failing to appropriately support the development of flourishing communities and an equitable, sustainable and stable planet. In this talk Wendy explains how the Flourish Model suggests a new ‘Ecology of Human Wellbeing’ that puts lives of meaning, purpose and value back at the core and the natural, healthy development of young children as fundamental to the process.

Wendy Ellyatt is passionate about unlocking the potential in people. 

For the last thirty years she has been exploring the unique qualities of human learning and development, with a particular emphasis on what gives us meaning and purpose. Her studies have taken her from being a specialist in the foundational importance of early learning, to examining early years policymaking, international perspectives, natural systems dynamics andthe importance of family and community life for the creation of sustainable societies and cultures of lifelong learning. 

The founder of the Save Childhood Movement and National Children’s Day UK, she has recently developed the Flourish Model as a way of explaining the urgent need for a new Ecology of Human Wellbeing. 

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