Helene Su

A deep somatic dance exploration to find your flow and clarity in life.

Are you always living in your head? Is your mind constantly busy and active? Learn how to use dance as a healing life art. By journeying into the body we can open up to find new ways to move. Using beautiful music and awareness techniques backed by scientific explanation, we can allow our bodies to release habitual holding and tensions. Stuck memories and thought patterns embedded in our cells are dislodged and we can learn to adapt and flow with change in our lives. New neural pathways open to melt away anxiety and stress. By tapping into our life force we can find joy in our free dance, and rejuvenate and activate cellular change.

Every week we will have a specific theme and focussed intent to ground and drop deep into our physical flesh, blood and bones. Then through guided free movement and dance we have the opportunity to be playful and light, activate the creative right sides of our brain and begin to enjoy the experience of being fully present in every moment.