Yael Hochenberg

Join Yael for a joyful exploration of the conscious, somatic, holistic-fitness lifestyle practice that is Nia!

Nia is holistic movement for body and soul, engaging your mind as well as your body. Its simple moves are a balanced combination of dance, martial arts and body-mind practices. Practiced to soul-stirring world music it conditions the body and transforms the mind, increasing energy and emotional balance. Learn how to use the body according to its design and function, forging a new, more sustainable relationship with your own body for optimum wellbeing. People of all ages and fitness-levels are welcome.

During the course you will be introduced to several aspects of Nia, including the gentle, self-healing 'Moving to Heal', the ‘52 Moves’ that are the basis for all Nia routines, and ‘Classic Nia’ techniques.