Dr Gulara Vincent

Friday 03/05/2019   10.30AM - 2.00PM

You are not blocked because you lack inspiration, but due to abundance of your fears. What gets in the way of your writing are fears of failure, exposure and success. When you heal those fears, your writing takes care of itself. In this healing and self-enquiry workshop, you can experience this first-hand. Through a unique set of exercises and using powerful techniques, you can set yourself and your creative flow free.

Participants will learn that what really gets in the way of their writing is fear and old emotional wounds. A simple yet powerful technique called ‘Compassion Key’ will allow you to dissipate long-held negative beliefs and unhealthy patterns through the power of self-directed compassion. Once you have learned it you can use it whenever you need to.

Through a unique set of exercises, you will be able to excavate your unconscious fears and heal them. You may explore some childhood memories which set unhealthy patterns in motion (for example, not feeling good enough or fear of criticism). Gulara will guide you through visualizations and healing compassion meditations, and support you to complete several writing prompts during the workshop.

A 10% discount is available on this event for students and the disabled. Please book via telephone on 01242 254321 or in person, and provide proof of entitlement when attending.

Aspiring authors and established writers of all genres and at any stage of their writing career are all welcome.