James D'Angelo

A human being is composed of subtle vibrations which, due to stress, negative emotions and a dispersed mind, can go out of tune. These vibrations are sets of frequencies that are in a state of flux and need regular retuning. Resonating them with sympathetic vibrations, we can shift the chakras towards their optimum frequencies.

In this workshop James will explore various techniques for toning using vowels, consonants and seed syllables to restore our natural state of harmony.

The vocal sound is both externalised and internalised which leads into a meditation where the sounds are refined. Complementary to this toning will be work with natural sound rituals like humming and laughter. Simple movements are used to encourage and direct the vocal sounds.

No previous experience is necessary, only the deep intent to be transformed into our true selves.

A 10% discount is available on this event for students. Please book via telephone on 01242 254321 or in person, and provide proof of entitlement when attending.