Stewart Pearce

The power of your voice has its own signature note - the Song of the Soul - and when evoked this can heal all physical and emotional disharmony.

This day is an exciting adventure into your heart’s secret chamber and the core of your spirit, to find the Voice of your Soul. The discovery will stimulate your heart to accommodate greater love and light directly from the cosmos, and to interpret a new cosmic portal opening as a Divine Love Code. This inspirational work is designed to accelerate your spiritual intelligence, healing any karma and linking you with the abundance of the Source. It will also help you recognise that any challenge your love experiences is a powerful call to receive grace from the angels as Cosmic Guardians.

On the day you will discover:

  • How to feel your signature note, or the song of your Soul, as the Divine Key or Code to the secret chamber of your Heart
  • How to reveal your own extraordinary love as an elevation to powerful states of intuitive ability
  • How to tap into your heart’s wisdom for profound decision-making
  • How to identify limiting beliefs, and then change them so that you may be regenerated and sanctified into divine love and grace
  • How to tune your brain and heart to super-coherence so that any trial may be endured, using powerful Sonic Meditations
  • How grace can bring us to individual reckoning, reminding us of the excellence of our Divine origin
  • How the Angels are carriers of this Divine Code dispensing a force that supersedes any challenge

Stewart Pearce is a legendary Master of Voice, Voice Alchemist, and Angel Emissary. For over 30 years he has pioneered the use of voice in sound healing since receiving a divine transmission from a group of Light Beings called the Angels of Atlantis. He has coached many illustrious people in how to use their voice, such as Diana Princess of Wales, Anita Roddick, Margaret Thatcher, Vanessa Redgrave, Matthew Goode, Eddie Redmayne, Hugh Bonneville and Mark Rylance.

From 1980-1997 he was the Head of Voice at The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art then Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe London from 1997-2010.

Stewart’s published works are ‘The Alchemy of Voice’, ‘The Heart’s Note’, ‘The Angels of Atlantis’ Oracle & Book, ‘The Angel Heart Sigils Oracle’, ‘Angels and the Keys to Paradise’ and the soon to be pushlished ‘Diana - The Voice of Change’.

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