Sandy Newbigging

Countless people are convinced that they need to work hard to fix, change or improve their mind, body and life in order to eventually achieve inner peace, self-love and success. However, for centuries spiritual teachers from all traditions have taught the exact opposite, saying 'you are what you seek', 'be still now' and 'the kingdom of heaven is within'. Instead of engaging in great efforts to change everything about your existence, Calmology focuses on cultivating peace WITH your mind, body and the full spectrum of life and, in doing so, more effortlessly enables positive change, healing and happiness to happen naturally.

During this talk one of the UK's leading experts in meditation, self-healing and spiritual awakening, Sandy C. Newbigging, will introduce you to his Calmology system, which includes the study of self-awareness for the embodiment of inner calm, stillness, holistic health and 'peace with life'. Come along to this enlightening event to discover why self-awareness is the secret to life success and how you have the opportunity to move from confusion to clarity, worry to wellness, conflict to connection, aloneness to oneness and stress to serenity. 

Sandy C. Newbigging is a monk, meditation teacher, mind detox expert, multi-bestselling author and creator of Calmology. His work has appeared on television internationally and he has trained practitioners in his methods from 20+ countries. His books include the Hay House bestselling trilogy - Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure - and his most recent bestseller Mind Detox.

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