Patrick Holford

The Hybrid Diet mimics the body’s evolutionary design in that we run on glucose from carbs and ketones from our body fat. Alternating between the two is what Patrick considers to be the hottest health secret - mimicking the natural cycle of feast and famine.

A high fat diet switches on a cellular clean up, repairing the energy factories in cells, whereas a 'slow' carb diet makes clean energy and healthy new cells. Switching regularly between the two is like 'nutritional yoga' - you become carb-adapted: craving fewer sweet foods, and fat-adapted: able to burn and derive energy efficiently from fat.

Patrick believes that variation, not moderation, is the key to health and to slowing down ageing. The opposite of The Hybrid Diet approach is the hallmark of modern junk food - a combination of animal fat and refined carbs that is the worst of both worlds.

During this talk Patrick will explore:

  • how to achieve a healthy weight without feeling hungry
  • rejuvenation and slowing the ageing process
  • The effect of nutrition on diabetes, cancer and heart disease
  • Dementia, epilepsy and other neurological disorders

Patrick Holford is a pioneering nutrition expert, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and author of 39 books in over 30 languages, including (with awarding winning medical journalist Jerome Burne) The Hybrid Diet.

“Patrick is a superb communicator and his writings are soundly based on the scientific and medical literature and very much at the forefront of nutritional medicine.” Professor David Smith, University of Oxford.

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