Will Gethin

Saturday 02/11/2019   10.00AM - 5.00PM

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where before there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell.

Is there a next step in life calling you or a desire to explore? This workshop is a chance to move through the stages of The Hero's Journey, the mythical transformation process described by author Joseph Campbell.

This workshop invites you to open the door to your bliss and journey towards your chosen new horizon, facing and learning from any fear and resistance that arises and opening to new inspiration and direction. This is a chance to explore a fresh sense of purpose, to bring some juice back into your life and take a step towards a new dream or goal.

Suitable for anyone looking for meaning and purpose, including people in their 20s as well as anyone at a crossroads in their life, faced with a big challenge, or looking for guidance with a next big step - be it a new career, life path, job, creative project or community endeavour.

Will Gethin is the founder of comms and events company Conscious Frontiers which promotes organisations and individuals engaged in creating positive change in the world. He has also worked extensively as a travel writer and holistic explorer/journalist writing for leading magazines and newspapers. Having powerfully experienced the stages of the Hero’s Journey in his own life, Will leads Hero’s Journey workshops and retreats, sharing his experience of this transformative process to support others to move forward in their lives.

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