Will Gethin

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where before there were only walls.”- Joseph Campbell.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell - best known for his ‘Hero’s Journey’ template for storytelling as applied to films like Star Wars, The Matrix and The Wizard of Oz - was also famous for his mantra for a meaningful life: ‘follow your bliss’

What’s your deepest passion, the thing that makes you feel most alive? Often it's the thing you can’t not do despite any resistance you may feel, hence Campbell later said what he really meant was ‘Follow your blisters’!

In this enlightening and entertaining talk, aimed at people in their 20s as well as anyone at a crossroads in their life, faced with a big challenge or looking for guidance with the next step (be it a new career, life path, job, creative project or community endeavour), Will Gethin introduces the Hero's Journey as a map for living and transformation, and offers guidance for finding your own authentic path whilst creating a fulfilling life rich with meaning and purpose. He also shares his experience of following his bliss/blisters as he lived out this mythical sequence in his own life, with all its trials, tribulations and hidden treasures… for as the great psychologist Carl Jung said, "The gold is in the dark."

Will Gethin is the founder of communications and events company Conscious Frontiers which promotes organisations and individuals engaged in creating positive change in the world. He has also worked extensively as a travel writer and holistic explorer/journalist writing for leading magazines and newspapers. Having powerfully experienced the stages of the Hero’s Journey in his own life, Will leads Hero’s Journey workshops and retreats, sharing his experience of this transformative process to support others to move forward in their lives.

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