Will Gethin

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors
where before there were only walls.”

- Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces and Pathways to Bliss.


Are you following your passion, or calling - the thing that makes you feel most alive - or merely treading a path prescribed by others’ expectations?

Whether you're embarking on your work life, career or a new project, or established in your career but facing a crossroads or major challenge - or simply seeking a change of direction - this talk will give you useful insights and inspiration for creating a fulfilling life, powerfully reflecting the true essence of who you are.

In this inspiring discourse, followed by an optional workshop on 2nd November, Will Gethin introduces mythologist Joseph Campbell’s iconic ‘Hero's Journey’ as a map for living and transformation, and takes you through five (distilled) stages to help you uncover your own authentic path and create a life rich with meaning and purpose.

The stages are:

  1. The Call to Adventure
  2. On the Road
  3. The Dark Wood
  4. The Treasure
  5. The Return

This journey underpins many of the world's greatest myths, stories and films - such as Jason and The Argonauts, Jayne Eyre, Lord of The Rings, Avatar and Star Wars to name but a few, and takes you through a powerful process from which you emerge bearing ‘gifts’ (for yourself and others), such as self-understanding or wisdom, and a clearer vision for your future.

Will will also share his own experience of The Hero's Journey with all its trials, tribulations and hidden treasures. Following his inner pulse on this journey was to open the doors to many life-enriching adventures, including:

  • Taking an 8-month sabbatical to explore India’s spiritual underbelly as research for a novel
  • Staying with an Andean tribe in the high mountains above Cusco, Peru
  • Living with nomadic families in Mongolia and took part in a wrestling tournament at a yak festival
  • Numerous desert adventures, including horse riding through the Gobi, firewalking in Morocco, and travelling through the Sinai with Bedouin nomads
  • Dog sledding in arctic Lapland
  • Undertaking a two-week Peace Walk from London to Glastonbury without spending any money to promote the Dalai Lama film, ‘Road to Peace’
  • Organising and hosting the 'Future Now' spiritual ecology conference in Bristol which explored solutions for sustaining the Earth and our future.

Will Gethin is the founder of communications and events company Conscious Frontiers which promotes organisations and individuals engaged in creating positive change in the world. He has also worked extensively as a travel writer and holistic explorer/journalist writing for leading magazines and newspapers.

Having powerfully experienced the stages of the Hero’s Journey in his own life, Will leads Hero’s Journey workshops and retreats, sharing his experience of this transformative process to support others to move forward in their lives.

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