Jane Morgan

Does your inner voice get in the way when it comes to maintaining a happy mind, body and soul?  What is really behind you easily persuading yourself to have that piece of cake or not to go for a walk? What are you telling yourself when you give in to sitting on the sofa or deciding not to go out for the evening? Do you feel guilt or shame or lack of control because of your actions? Yes? Then this course is for you.

You will take a holistic approach to explore a healthy mind, body and soul. You will examine your inner critical voice and your relationships with yourself and loved ones, food and exercise. You will look into the impact of society and the wider world on your choices and feelings of self-worth.  You will reflect on eating and exercise. All of this will help you create your own programme of self-acceptance, healthy eating and activating your body’s endorphins through exercise.

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand how their internal script influences their choices about their mind, body and soul
  • Understand how external influences such as culture, beliefs and marketing impact on the individual
  • Understand the need for a healthy attitude towards their mind, body and soul

The course will run for seven consecutive weeks, after which participants will have a follow up telephone call with Jane to help them with overcoming any hurdles they may have encountered when putting what they have learned into practice. The final date of the course will consist of a group get together to talk how their programme is working for them. The telephone call and the get together session are included in the price of the course. If further conversations are required this can be arranged on an individual basis for an additional cost.

Jane is a therapist, coach and facilitator who has extensive personal experience of diets, disorganized eating, body dysmorphia and self-dislike. Jane has come out the other side to combine her approach to a healthy mind, body and soul with her extensive coaching therapy experience.

A 10% discount is available on this event for students and recipients of means-tested benefits. Please book via telephone on 01242 254321 or in person, and provide proof of entitlement when attending.