THE ENERGY OF THE UNIVERSE CPD: 96 hours Event Cancelled

Kelly Peacey

No one has the definitive answer to the many questions we have about life. However, we are beginning to realise that we are all part of one whole – and that our connection is through energy. This course will take you on a personal, experiential journey through the more esoteric spiritual beliefs. You will understand auras, chakras and meridians, learn about grounding, clearing and balancing, investigate the energy underpinning all relationships, explore geopathic stress through dowsing and learn about deities, angels and archetypes, and how we can call upon them for support. You will be introduced to the hidden messages behind numerology and astrology and contemplate psychic phenomena and the laws of the universe. By the end of this course you will be aware of how we are all part of a universal consciousness: one mind with one energy.

This course can be taken either with awarding body accreditation, or without it.  The Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 accreditation requires you to apply your learning in a series of students-centred assignments, designed to deepen your understanding of what you have been taught in relation to your own life and situation. The non-accredited version of this course does not require you to complete any assignments.

This course is Accredited.


Accredited Course
£887 if booked by 20th October / £987 thereafter
£1012.00 when paid in staged payments  

Non-Accredited Course
£647.00 if booked by 20th October / £747 thereafter
£772.00 when paid in staged payments