Maria Wheatley

Join dowsing expert Maria Wheatley on the day of the Summer Solstice for an experiential tour of some of the finest ancient sites in Gloucestershire, visiting long barrows in Uley and Nympsfield, and the Long Stone of Minchinhampton. Following a presentation at The Isbourne on dowsing techniques and Maria’s own findings in this fascinating field you’ll head out to gain hands-on experience of dowsing for earth energies and aquastats, as well as discovering how the energies in these special locations influence your own aura.

It’s helpful, but not essential, to have your own transport – please mention when booking if you require a car share. Please bring a picnic with you.

A 10% discount is available on this event for students and the disabled. Please book via telephone on 01242 254321 or in person, and provide proof of entitlement when attending.

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Uley Long Barrow (GL11 5AR)

Overlooking the Severn Valley, Uley long barrow is fondly called Hetty Peglar’s tump, named after a landowner’s wife. Dated to the Neolithic, this peace-offering long barrow is orientated east to west and faces the direction of the spring and autumn equinox sunrise. It is 120 feet long by 111 feet at the widest section. Although archaeologists state that this was a burial chamber, long before the bones were placed in the stone chambers this was a healing temple space that was designed and built by the long skulled people.

Here we will dowse for Aquastat energy and Ley lines. We will colour dowse our auras before and after interacting with the chamber energy to discover how the earth energies are influencing your aura, and colour dowse the frequencies of the energies using a HFC dowsing aid.

Nymphsfield Long Barrow (GL11 5AU)

We will have lunch at the Nymphsfield long barrow picnic site, weather permitting.

Despite being damaged, robbed of its once fine standing stones and roof, there is still a silent but ever-powerful spirit of place that brings us closer to the ancestors and energies of the site. The layout is in the shape of a goddess and thus decrees this as a goddess chamber. This is a sacred site that can put us in direct contact with the Divine Feminine within and without.

Here we will dowse for Earth energies, as well as the chakra areas of the goddess figure, and work with the energies of the mound.

The Long Stone of Minchinhampton

This holed stone is said to emit healing energy. It is set above intense geospiral energy that is extraordinary.

Here we will interact with the vast network of spirals that give energetic healing power to this remarkable stone and learn how to transfer healing earth energy to one another.