Alisdair Naulls

Plastic and its damaging effect on our ocean is big news. Just how do we #stoptheplastictide? Just what you can put in the recycle bin? Why has that ‘biodegradable’ cup not degraded at all? Why does it say flushable on this wet wipe packet - that’s wrong, right? What can I do that is simple and easy and ocean-positive? Join in the conversation to find out more.

With everyone from primary school students to undergraduates, business people to biologists and wild swimmers to coastal path strollers far more aware of the threats to our blue planet, how can YOU make ocean-positive change? Find out more about ocean plastics, share your stories and ask your questions in this invaluable talk.

Confused dad, amateur natural historian, picker-upper of urban, sub-urban and countryside litter, Alisdair Naulls has worked as the Marine Conservation Society Public Engagement Officer for over five years, having helped as a volunteer for twelve years before that. A keen rock pool rambler, beachcomber, snorkeller, surfer and beach cleaner, he is a resolute 'non-expert' - as frustrated by human society's inability to cut its plastic habit as any member of a group he finds himself talking with. His 'talks' are more conversations as it is only the many getting on board a planet wide detox that will persuade the powerful few to legislate for us all to live in far greater harmony with this world.

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