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Peter White

Peter White MBE is a visually impaired journalist and DJ and a well-known voice on BBC Radio 4, presenting such popular programmes as In Touch, You and Yours and the critically acclaimed series No Triumph, No Tragedy, in a career spanning nearly fifty years.

When Peter started broadcasting in the 1970s disabled people were thought of as a minority who didn't have a voice. In his inimitable style Peter will reflect on his struggle to get into radio broadcasting as well as the huge changes he has witnessed in how disabled people and their disabilities are perceived. He will also discuss how changes in legislation such as the Anti-Discrimination Law and how building access, technology and attitudes have all changed dramatically, enabling disabled people to work alongside their able-bodied colleagues -  and how disabled people have made this happen through protest and direct action.

Peter will also talk about the gruelling challenges of taking part in 100km trek across Kenya for Comic Relief.

Peter White, born in Winchester on a council estate, has been blind from birth and has a blind elder brother. His parents were not over-protective, something he credits for helping them develop their independence. As a child Peter and his brother rather stunned the neighbours by doing all the things the other kids did: riding bikes, roller skating and getting into fights.

"Because we were blind we spent a lot of our childhood away at boarding school. One in particular was quite Dickensian – they were environments in which you either sank or swam.  I was lucky enough to be able to swim."

After starting to read Law at University Peter spent a year in York encouraging disaffected youths to get involved in community work. He then read Sociology and Economics and went straight into radio by door-stepping his local radio station in Southampton.

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