Margaret Kelly

In Qigong we practise a set of exercises - slow, flowing and in time with the breath - to improve the health and harmony of mind and body. The exercises are suitable for all ages and abilities, and are especially beneficial in helping older people with coordination and balance. The main aim is simply to make the practise enjoyable! The core of these sessions is Shibashi (the 18 exercises). You’ll also experience standing and walking meditations, and a Yang-style form of Tai Chi Chuan.

Margaret first learnt the Tai Chi Chuan over twenty-five years ago. A wise acquaintance said that Qigong was the most beneficial form of exercise, but there was no Qigong teacher in Cheltenham. Then Margaret found Martin Kelly, the late Qigong Master, who started teaching at The Isbourne. Margaret joined his class in 2002 and within a few years they were teaching two classes together at The Isbourne, and giving demonstrations to local groups.