Margaret Kelly

The main aim of the class is to make practising Qigong relaxing and enjoyable! It is suitable for all ages and abilities, and it particularly helps with balance and coordination, which older people may find helpful.

In the class you will learn a set of Qigong exercises, which can then be practised daily at home to improve the health and harmony of mind and body. The exercises are slow, and flowing, and done in harmony with the breath. They are done standing, but a few of the exercises can be done sitting down if need be.

You will also learn the sequence of movements which make up the Tai Chi Chuan, usually just called Tai Chi, as well as a walking and a standing mediation.

Margaret first learnt Tai Chi Chuan over 25 years ago. In 2002 she started attending Qigong classes at The Isbourne, taught by the late Qigong Master Martin Kelly. She was soon teaching with Martin, and together they gave demonstrations to local groups and at Belmont School.

Please contact the office to see if there are available spaces.