Valentina Correa Bove

The use of Obsidian Geometries as a healing technique was created by Master Ana Silvia Serrano to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual health. This method has also been used as a preventative medicine technique. Obsidian Geometries has been practised for over 20 years and has been shown to be an effective healthcare tool because of the wonderful healing properties of black obsidian. 

In this five-module online course, you will learn how to apply obsidian geometries, working under the guidance of Valentina Correa Bove, a certified Obsidian Therapist. Working with Valentina ensures safety and the greatest therapeutic benefit.

As you progress through each module, you will be able to see how the cumulative benefits unfold and the energy fields harmonise. You will learn how to use Obsidian Geometries to prevent the onset of ill-health and promote healing in a natural way. 

This is a self-healing course with therapeutic support. Use of Obsidian Geometries is in addition to course fees.

To book a place on this course or for more information please contact Valentina on +447930387414 or via email