Leah Robinson

A Celebration of Spring

March is the first month of spring. Nature is emerging from hibernation and there is new growth all around us. In this workshop, we follow this emergence from the inside out. We tap into our origins in the central channel of the body and from here all things emerge. New growth and new internal connections. Through movement, we listen deeply to the body and gently respond. In meditation, we create new connections in the body-mind and through yoga Nidra, we deeply rest in order to gently stimulate the subconscious mind to support our personal growth. Each part of the practice is an invitation; there is always room for you to follow what your body needs. In this way, we honour exactly where we are as individuals, allowing newness and inspiration to enter as we shed old patterns and internal programming.

Outline: 15 mins welcome & introduction. 45 mins movement practice. 15 mins meditation, 30 mins yoga Nidra, 5-10 mins writing & close.

Please bring: A yoga mat, a blanket and pillow/cushion, water, paper and pen.

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