Max Watkins

Are you looking to take up a new hobby that is good for both your body and mind? Qigong a practice that brings together the mind, body and spirit to improve your mental and physical health. With the help of Qigong teacher Max Watkins, this course will teach you the five energy exercises for life! 

In this free 4-week course you will learn:  

  • Breathing to Relax; how to observe your breath
  • Chi Scanning; how positive and negative energy may be affecting you
  • Three movements from Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong: Chi Balancing, Heart Opening and Freeing Trapped Chi. 

You will learn each set of movements gradually over the 4 weeks making for easy progress and development.

This course is part of our free community wellbeing series that aims to help you cope with your mental health during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The courses are available to anyone who needs them, all you need is access to the internet. Once you register, the Zoom details will be emailed to you.

All of our free courses are available at no cost to you, however, if you feel you are in the position to, we would greatly appreciate a small donation. As a charity, we rely on donations to keep us operational. If you do not wish to donate, please put a 0 (zero) in the donation box.

Please note: The Isbourne operates a minimum number policy. This means that if our minimum number is not met 24 hours before the session is scheduled to run, then we reserve the right to cancel the session. If you have paid a set fee for the cancelled session, you will get a full refund. Donations are non-refundable. We therefore advise customers to secure their place as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. The Isbourne’s minimum number policy is under the guidance of the tutor running the session. Thank you for your understanding.

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This event runs on donations. How does it work?

We understand that times are tough right now, but wellbeing is more important than ever. That’s why we are running all our online events on a donation basis. This means you are able to enjoy The Isbourne regardless of your situation.

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