Jaqui Fabian

If you are already on a spiritual path, this expansive workshop is for you.  It will provide you with new tools to heal what holds you back, open up new potential and help you discover more of who you truly are.  We travel in time, we reach through to other dimensions – it’s fun, it’s revelatory and it’s with others on a similar path. 

The shift, as predicted by the Mayans and other ancient cultures, is coming into fruition: the rise of the divine feminine, the toppling of hierarchical systems and the opportunity to both recreate ourselves and the world we are living in. Even our scientists are now talking about multidimensionality, parallel universes and even conventional time as a human construct.  This shows how much things are opening up. 

As Alice Walker (and other spiritual teachers) have been saying for many years, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  Time to step up, step out and enjoy the ride. 

There is an option for follow-on workshops for those who wish to move further into the joy of fifth dimensional living, and to link up again with the group, sharing experiences and energies in these fast moving times.

A 10% discount is available on this event for students and recipients of means-tested benefits. Please book via telephone on 01242 254321 or in person, and provide proof of entitlement when attending.