Nick Parker

Increasingly, social scientists hold the view that the silent lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, stroke, cancer, dementia and diabetes are reaching pandemic levels. After being prescribed terminal care following a diagnosis of advanced aggressive metastasised prostate cancer on Christmas Eve 2015 Nick embarked on the biggest project of his life, undertaking unfathomed levels of research; overhauling every aspect of mind, body and spirit; engaging in robust debates with the medical profession, and experimenting in uncharted waters.

Nick will share many lessons (both good and bad) to illustrate how he strives to give his body the best chances of recovering and maintaining health and wellbeing. Nick believes that all the answers to our failing health are out there: we just need to embark on our own journeys of discovery, make courageous decisions and change our attitudes.

In this two-hour talk, aimed at anyone wishing to understand what mind, body and spirit actions are necessary for restoring health as well as the role of lifestyle medicine in avoiding the doctor's surgery and chronic disease, Nick will share thoughts on topics such as:

  • Most diets are bunkum. What is our best approach to nutrition?
  • What is the best meditation practice?
  • I struggle with self-discipline: how should I get started on the journey of improving my health?
  • How do I get better sleep?
  • How do I manage my doctor and the NHS?

Be prepared for a no-holds barred conversation. The audience will be challenged to contemplate some of the more difficult questions in life such as:

  • The future of the NHS
  • Why sending 'poo in the post' should be mainstream
  • Understanding death in the pursuit of understanding life
  • How to address toxic relationships
  • Managing the expectations of society
  • Finding purpose in life
  • Faith, religion & spirituality.

“Nick’s talks are truly inspirational, I am one of the world’s cynical old goats but have now been totally converted, I would challenge anyone to go and not be moved and come away a true believer. Well done Nick.” Terje Gilj


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