Sharon Elliott

Could issues from your past be preventing you from moving forward?

Develop your capacity to forgive and face the past, opening yourself up to new opportunities. Learn how to retrain your brain to select healthier thoughts, accept the challenges that life throws your way and be more confident in future decision making.

This Quality Endorsed course will help you to see that the past is just a subjective experience. You will address limiting patterns that are holding you back and discover that by re-training the brain and making different choices you are able to forgive yourself (and others) and move on. You will also get the opportunity to create a ‘Life Book’ and explore what a new world with healthier beliefs could look like.

You will learn to:

- recognise and question limiting beliefs.
- recognise and question unhelpful thought patterns
- retrain the brain

Experienced tutor and medium Sharon Elliott, is a Metaphysical Counsellor/Teacher and third generation clairvoyant Medium who has been teaching and healing for over 14 years.

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