Caroline Painter

In our attempts to find happiness we often look outward. This introduction to the Law of Attraction will take you on a journey that starts from within and radiates out. You will find your inner joy that will ultimately be your key in applying the Law of Attraction to your advantage.

We learn how to synchronise our thoughts with our feelings and start to understand the power that this holds. To help further our appreciation for the Law of Attraction we dip our toes into science; specifically, quantum physics, biology and neuropsychology. Layering this information allows you to see the direct effects of how thinking a certain way can influence our interpretation of our external lives.

The Law of Attraction works at its best when our internal ‘being’ is aligned. We look at the different tools, techniques and modalities that you can apply straight away and achieve results. By the end of this workshop you will understand the core principles of Law of Attraction and how we are the controllers of our own reality.

This workshop may cement what you already know, or it could turn your world on its head in the most amazing way. You do not need to be familiar with the Law of Attraction to benefit from this workshop.

Please bring an unused notepad of your choice (as least A5) that you love the look and feel of, and a pen or pencil that you enjoy writing with. This notebook will document your journey with the Law of Attraction that you can continue afterwards.