Lois Hastings

Have you ever met someone for the first time and yet feel you’ve known them all your life?

Do you find yourself inexplicably drawn to certain places or certain types of people? Who we are today represents a culmination of all the experiences we have had over numerous lifetimes, and our past life events affect many aspects of our behaviour. Discover how past life regression can help you to develop your full potential, unlock hidden talents and create more compassion for yourself and others.

This Quality Endorsed course from The Isbourne introduces powerful exercises to help you explore the deeper meaning behind your journey through life and teaches safe techniques to heal and clear deeply held memories and old limiting beliefs.

The course will equip you with:

- a clearer understanding of the concept of reincarnation

- ways to access your own past lives

- a greater understanding of the soul’s purpose

- techniques to heal old patterns and blocks

- a clearer understanding of current relationships

Tutor Lois Hastings is an experienced teacher of meditation and spiritual development. She is passionate about helping people to explore their connection to themselves as well as the wider world. She undertakes one-to-one past life regressions at her home in Witney.

To secure your place on this course please book by 31st March.

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