Kate Collier

How often do we feel we are just surviving and not truly living or being who we are and want to be? How can we be healthier and more resourceful?

This workshop is an opportunity to explore who you are in relation to yourself and others and to better understand recurring issues and unhelpful patterns in your life. Embodied early trauma can affect the way we live now and be triggered in our everyday lives. The IoPT self-enquiry process using a personal Intention and the resonance of others helps bring light to some of these questions helping you feel more embodied, loving and accepting of who you are. You will get the opportunity to do your own self-enquiry or resonate for another. Either way, participants experience the day as profound and healing.

A CPD is provided if required.           

The Isbourne are asking all those attending in-house classes and events to please bring their own yoga mats, blankets, cushions and refreshments if required for what they are attending. We are unable to supply any of the listed items for the foreseeable future.

Booking a place for these sessions will close at 4.30pm on the day before so if you wish to attend please register before then.