Sarah Bradley

Around 1 in 5 women over 40 in the UK don't have children, some through choice but many who wanted and expected to have children and didn’t. Childlessness is rarely talked about and can be an isolated and lonely place. Unplanned childlessness is more common than people realise. Not being able to have children is a loss that needs to be acknowledged and grieved. 

This event is an opportunity for childless individuals and couples to come together; to be seen and heard by others in the same situation. The event will be led by Sarah, who is childless herself and works as a coach, helping people to move forward from childlessness. This will be a friendly, non-threatening event, led with compassion and understanding. It will help you realise you are not alone and that it is possible to have a happy and fulfilling life without the children you wanted and expected to have. You will be able to find out what support is available to help you move forward and feel less isolated.

This is a free event and available at no cost to you, however, if you feel you are in the position to make a small donation then please do. If you do not wish to donate, please put a 0 (zero) in the donation box.