Kathryn Buxton

Would you like to sit with like hearted people and enjoy a guided mindfulness meditation? Mindfulness to Support Bereavement is a monthly meeting where we check in and sit together and meditate. All meditations are on a chair and you will learn how you can incorporate mindfulness meditation into your everyday life. It’s a great way to connect with those who are going through the same challenges as you and  learn a new tool to help with stress and anxiety.

These sessions are part of our free community wellbeing series that aims to help you cope with your mental health. They are available at no cost to you, however, if you feel you are in the position to, we would greatly appreciate a small donation. As a charity, we rely on donations to keep us operational. If you do not wish to donate, please put a 0 (zero) in the donation box.

For this class you will need to bring your own:

  •  Cushion
  • Refreshments

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply any of these for the foreseeable future.