Beth Forrester

This four-week course with artist and dreamworker, Beth Forrester, will be a beautiful introduction to collage-making and how you can tune into your intuition to create art.

Using your intuition means paying attention to yourself, your own inner voice and allowing yourself to make decisions based on that voice. The approach is experimental and playful as well as being focused in the moment and in the body. There is no wrong way to collage and every creation will be wonderfully different! 

Beth will be using the four seasons as a reference point for the course and you’ll be able to discuss how the idea and energy of each season feels for you.

This course will give you an opportunity to learn the technique of making collage and how you can select the pieces of magazine cuttings, pictures, words or abstract textures that you feel intuitively drawn to. Then you’ll be encouraged to play and create without a rigid goal in mind, building up a picture based on the seasonal feelings and your intuitive response to them.

This is a Quality Endorsed course from our awarding body Open College Network West Midlands. It is your kite mark of quality and at the end of the course you will be posted a certificate.

Drop-ins can not be accommodated at this time so please book in advance.

These sessions are part of our free community wellbeing series that aims to help you cope with your mental health. They are available at no cost to you, however, if you feel you are in the position to, we would greatly appreciate a small donation. As a charity, we rely on donations to keep us operational. If you do not wish to donate, please put a 0 (zero) in the donation box.