Dr. Peter Boait

Home energy use is a major contributor to the UK's climate changing emissions. We have to radically change the way we heat our homes, and the way we use our home energy systems. Find out what your household can do now to reduce your heating bills and respond to the climate challenge in this informative and impartial talk. Explore the practical issues surrounding the government's Renewable Heat Incentive, which provides grants for low carbon heating systems, the benefits of generating and managing your own electricity supplies, and the financial and sustainability advantages of electric cars. You’ll also get a fascinating overview of the emerging technologies that can help the journey to a zero carbon future, such as fuel cell boilers and conversion of the gas grid to hydrogen.

Dr Peter Boait is chair of Gloucestershire Community Energy Co-Operative and a Visiting Research Fellow in the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University. He is an engineer by profession and has spent the last 18 years working on practical responses to the challenge of climate change. Particular interests have included smart heating controls that help the fuel-poor, localisation of energy generation and use through community social enterprises, and deployment of solar-powered microgrids in the developing world.