Graham Boston

A monthly opportunity to meet holistic practitioners and small business owners to exchange news and ideas, flag up forthcoming events, share best practice and receive or pass on referrals. All welcome, whether in business or not.

Each meeting includes a 30-minute presentation from a local business expert or thought leader who will share techniques and ideas that you can use in your own practice, followed by an informal networking session.

If you have a business card or flyer, do bring them and don't be afraid to exchange them with the person you're chatting with! Entrance fee includes tea/coffee and a slice of delicious home-made gluten-free cake from the Isbourne Café. Pay in advance or RSVP to so we can get an idea of numbers beforehand, or if you prefer you can just turn up and pay at reception on the day.

A 10% discount is available on this event for students. Please book via telephone on 01242 254321 or in person, and provide proof of entitlement when attending.


July's presentation:

Three Ways to Build a Properous Business that don’t involve Marketing

with business coach and bestselling author Robin Waite


Robin will share simple non-marketing strategies that will help make your practice more successful.

"Pretty much every business owner I meet these days is bashing their head against a wall because they “don’t understand marketing”, and quite rightly so because there are plenty of other ways to grow a business.

First, however, you need to unpack “why” you’re in business in the first place and what your Goals are for your business. When you know that you can start to unpack the economics behind how to build a prosperous business. None of which involves an ounce of extra marketing that all of the so-called experts and gurus are telling you to do.

If you can set sensible goals for your business you can then start to work out what actions are required to move you closer to your goal.

Those actions include improving your product/service offering, getting your pricing right and then improving your customer journey.

Get those right and you don’t need a single extra client…and you can still achieve twice the revenue you’re currently earning."

About Robin

Robin Waite is a Stroud-based business coach and founder of a successful online strategy agency in the UK. He has helped over 250 businesses create change and growth within their organisation since 2004.

He is also the bestselling author of Take Your Shot and Online Business Startup and runs a 12-Week Fearless Business Accelerator course.