Lois Hastings

Do you sometimes feel stuck, caught up in endless repeated patterns of triggered emotions that you don’t know how to release?

It may be that you need to re-visit your past reincarnations to safely release the trauma that may be stopping you from moving on in the present. This course explores hypnosis as a way to clear blocks and unwanted energy, bringing about personal and spiritual growth.

During this Quality Endorsed course experienced tutor Lois Hastings will guide you through how hypnosis works and how hypnosis and past life regression can work together to produce healing for the soul. You’ll gain hands-on experience of how to confidently conduct a past life regression for family and friends, clearing unwanted emotions, habits or energy blocks and bringing about personal and spiritual growth.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

- conduct a Past Life Regression hypnotherapy session for friends and family
- create your own hypnotherapy script
- understand how healing works via past life regression
- troubleshoot any potential problems

This course is an ideal progression for former students of ‘Introduction to Past life Regression’ but is also suitable for anyone with an introductory level knowledge of the practice.

Tutor Lois Hastings is an experienced teacher of meditation and spiritual development. She is passionate about helping people to explore their connection to themselves as well as to the wider world.

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