Tim Freke

There has never before been a time when so many people cared about the suffering of human beings in distant lands they will never visit, felt cross-species compassion for endangered animals they will never encounter, and even experienced a transcendent oneness with the whole universe.

These developments signal an astonishing leap forward in the history of humanity that is quietly gaining momentum: The evolution of separate individuals into connected ‘unividuals’ who experience a profound sense of unity that transcends their individuality.

Tim Freke can help you experience this evolutionary jump. During this experiential evening he will teach ‘unividual practices’ that naturally create an experience of wonderful oneness, which is felt as all-embracing love for everyone and everything. You’ll be introduced to the philosophy of ‘Unividualism’, which unifies science and spirituality to explain and support the evolutionary process, bringing deep meaning to our lives and giving us real hope for the future. This is your invitation to become a part of a new global tribe that can transform our individualistic self-serving society into a unividual culture of kindness.

Tim Freke is the author of 35 books, translated into 16 languages, including a top 10 international bestseller and UK Daily Telegraph ‘Book of the Year’. He has been exploring new states of consciousness since a spontaneous spiritual awakening aged twelve. The philosophy and practises of ‘Unividualism’ are the culmination of his life’s work as a pioneering free-thinker and life-explorer.

He is the founder of ‘The International Community of Unividuals’ (ICU), which is dedicated to supporting the evolution of unividuality. Tim has presented inspiring events internationally, including in the UK, Europe, Japan, South America, Canada and the USA. With his trademark clarity, humour, enthusiasm and acceptance of vulnerability, Tim is a master at creating a safe and playful environment in which transformation happens naturally.

His mission is to unleash the deep goodness within us all, so that together we can create a kinder, wiser world. He lives with his family in Glastonbury England.

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