Rob Gould

As we continue into a future where the ethics and sustainability of our food supply chain is under increasing scrutiny, and we are warned at every turn about how damaging we are as humans to both our local and global environments, should foraging still play a role in providing food? Or is it just another way of humans plundering our natural resources, whilst at the same time making life even more difficult for the other species we live alongside? Come and hear foraging and preserving expert Rob Gould, aka The Cotswold Forager, talk about how modern foragers actually see themselves as custodians of nature rather than just plundering its bounty, making the absolute utmost out of wild foods whilst at the same time helping to enhance the natural spaces around them. You’ll be introduced to some interesting wild edibles, and have the opportunity to chat to Rob about the potential of foraged food.

Having foraged for himself and his family for over 20 years, Rob works with various outdoors groups, clubs and local restaurants in order to help more people grow an understanding and appreciation of our wild larder. He is very interested in the seasonality of wild edibles, although is equally keen to find new and interesting ways to preserve and prolong those seasons, particularly if the methods work to enhance and manipulate the available flavours.