Caroline Bliss

Monday 28/01/2019   7.00PM - 8.30PM

Join former film actress Caroline Bliss for an entertaining and inspiring talk as she recounts her unique story.

Caroline’s early life was spent pursuing fame as an actress, and she went on to play the iconic role of Miss Moneypenny alongside Timothy Dalton in two James Bond films. After being given a book of J Krishnamurti’s teachings, Caroline began an intense search for inner peace and freedom, eventually realising that she needed to find self-love before she could be free of the ego. Her journey took her through years of therapy, a cathartic awakening and unexpected darkness whilst struggling with motherhood and envisaged parenthood ideals. Eventually she found an inner peace and Caroline’s present work springs from the compassion she found for herself, as she guides people through self-love to liberating freedom from the ego.

We caught up with Caroline Bliss ahead of her talk for an exclusive interview. You can watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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