Rachel Shackleton

Efficient digestion is essential to good health.  The process of digestion begins in the mouth with the action of saliva on food and runs through to the anus, with most of the process taking place in the stomach and small intestine.  This process enables our bodies to convert the food we eat into the energy needed for all biochemical reactions that keep us alive.  It is also a major pathway for the elimination of toxins.

Influencing good digestion and elimination depends on several factors: the right diet with wholefoods, fruit and vegetables, plenty of fluids to ensure regular peristaltic movements, and elimination of waste products from cellular metabolism.  As there is interaction between the brain and the gut, digestion can be susceptible to the effects of emotions and therefore to stress, which in turn can trigger excess secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, possibly leading to inflammation and even ulceration of the stomach lining.

This informative talk will provide you with an overview of how the digestive system works, exploring practical methods and naturopathic techniques for creating and maintaining a healthy gut. You’ll learn about seasonal herbs that can be used to support the gut and heal the gut, and key dietary tips to ensure a healthy digestive tract. Essential for anyone suffering from digestive complaints.

Rachel is a herbalist, naturopath and kinesiologist who is passionate about maintaining health and wellbeing through natural remedies, a healthy diet and naturopathic principles.

A 10% discount is available on this event for students and recipients of means-tested benefits. Please book via telephone on 01242 254321 or in person, and provide proof of entitlement when attending.