Sharon Elliott

Do you sense that you may have a gift for connecting with the spirit world?

Designed for beginners and fledgling Mediums, this course will explore what happens to the spirit after death and how we can harness our capability to connect with loved ones. If the world of spirits, oracle and angel cards fascinates you and you would like to learn how to open up to spirit, then this course is for you.

This Quality Endorsed course will explore how you can feel your own energy and those of others in the room, and how to meditate on clearing chakras and auras to expand consciousness. Students will also learn how to work alongside animal guides, use oracle and angel cards in readings and how to channel a vision and put this on paper.

On this course you will be taught:

- how to open up to spirit
- how to quieten your mind and deliver a message from spirit
- how to connect with the energy of an object
- how to trust what you hear and feel

This is a powerful course delivered by the experienced tutor and medium Sharon Elliott. She is a Metaphysical Counsellor/Teacher and third generation clairvoyant Medium who has been teaching and healing for over 14 years.

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