Matthew Heyse-Moore

Experience the power of dance and embodied group prayer through simple chants and movements.

Dances of Universal Peace is a joyful, multi-cultural way to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and others. Inspired by the wisdom and sacred phrases of the many spiritual traditions of humankind, they are essentially a form of celebration and meditation in sound and movement. There are no performers or audience; newcomers and old hands form the circle together.

The dances are easy to learn, and everything you need to know for each dance is taught first. Even though you might feel unable to sing ‘in tune’, or feel you have ‘two left feet’, these dances are welcoming to all.

The Dances of Universal Peace offer a safe way to be open to other people, creating trust and healing on a deep level. Through this dancing we come to know more of our true selves, so bringing peace, joy and unity to ourselves and to others.