Helene Su

Saturday 17/11/2018   10.00AM - 5.00PM

Are you constantly on the go? Feeling stuck or disconnected? This one-day mini retreat will help you to release tension in the body to start a healing process, and find connection and support for yourself from within.

You will learn a variety of techniques, such as pranayama breathing and Osho awareness and mindfulness, focusing on the elements and our chakras. You’ll experience exercises from Anna Halprin's Life/Art Process and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's Body-Mind Centering, calming your nervous system and tapping into a state of relaxation and restoration within the body on a physiological level.

Via the medium of freeform somatic dance you’ll be guided into releasing rigid movement patterns and begin to explore the hidden realms of your inner psyche and intuition. Through visioning and journeying to find an animal ally, you’ll discover how to unlock hidden reserves of strength and clarity, as well as creating space to reflect through art and writing. Overall, the day offers an opportunity to go inward and contemplate the important issues in your own life.