Sandy Newbigging

Calmology consists of a combination of enlightening teachings and empowering techniques that enable you to discover your purpose, experience inner peace, heal the hidden mind-based causes of conditions, be free from fear or anxiety and gain an awakened attitude that improves your entire life. During this transformational day with one of the UK's leading experts in meditation, self-healing and spiritual awakening, you will learn the philosophy at the heart of Calmology and learn the four primary Calmology techniques - Mind Calm Meditation (for inner stillness and 'peace with mind'), Body Calm Meditation (for self-healing and staying healthy), Calm Cure (for personal freedom and 'peace with life') and Mind Detox (for discovering and resolving the root-cause of any issue). This is a rare chance for you to learn Calmology from the person who created it and leave with a real excitement for life, knowing your purpose for being born.

Sandy C. Newbigging is a monk, meditation teacher, mind detox expert, multi-bestselling author and creator of Calmology. His work has appeared on television internationally and he has trained practitioners in his methods from 20+ countries. His books include the Hay House bestselling trilogy - Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure - and his most recent bestseller Mind Detox.

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