CALM THE MIND CHATTER CPD: 10 hours Event Cancelled

Kathryn Buxton

Anxious about something that might not even happen?

Our mind chatter focuses on worries about the future or fretting about the past, causing us to become anxious about things that haven’t happened and generating unreliable memories of what did happen. Only in the present moment can we find real peace, and this is the gift of mindfulness. This course explores the role of the mind chatter, why it happens and how you can change your response to it through meditation and mindfulness.

Each session of this Quality Endorsed course from The Isbourne will start with an exploration of some aspect of mind chatter and end with mindfulness meditations, looking at ways in which you can drop mindfulness into your everyday life.

​The course is perfect for those who are beginners to meditation and would like to learn how the present moment can turn down the chatter from the mind and lead to a real sense of calm and peace within.​