Kathryn Buxton

Take care of your friends during Mental Health Week. Pay for your ticket and bring a friend for free to this class, giving your mental wellbeing a boost by restoring calm to your body and mind.

Come and learn the ancient discipline of meditation with like-minded people and an experienced tutor, enjoying the energy of mediation together in a group. These classes are fun and informative with a range of meditations from the Buddhist tradition. You’ll be given tips on how to build and sustain a regular practice, and there will also be guidance on mindfulness meditation and how mindfulness can be incorporated into your everyday life, bringing you a sense of calm and equanimity in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.

Kathryn Buxton has been teaching at The Isbourne for over five years. These classes are suitable for all levels, whether you are someone who wants to learn how to meditate, someone who has meditated before and wants to pick up the practice again, or an experienced meditator who would like to meditate with a group.