Mandy Pullen

Eco shamanism is a new discipline which is a development of contemporary shamanism and deep ecology. By combining the two we can begin to marry our five ordinary senses with our spirit (sixth) sense. As we launch ourselves into this new millennium (we are right at the beginning!) it is becoming more and more necessary to see ourselves ‘as’ our Earth: to see, hear, touch, taste and feel ourselves ‘as’ Earth rather than being ‘on’ it. The way we perceive our lives in relation to our Earth needs to change. It needs to return to a much more visceral sense of our existence. If we begin to perceive ourselves as Earth then we can begin to ‘feel’ how it is to be treated in such a way. As an example, see your body as the Earth and imagine the hair on your forearm as a rainforest. Now imagine setting fire to your hair and feel how painful that would be. We are earth and we are burning ourselves . . .

We are ‘in conversation’ with everything in this world, and beyond us all things are in conversation with each other, including our computers and phone, kettles and dishes, trains and planes, not just our trees, rivers, mountains and seas. We, and all around us, are spiritual beings conjoined to the larger spiritual being of Earth, so let’s start a conversation!

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