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Reiki is a fantastic resource for healing and personal and spiritual growth.

People are often drawn to it when orthodox medicine leaves them with unwanted side-effects and they seek additional help. Others feel a strong pull to help people heal physically, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki can be given anywhere and anytime, in person or over a distance. The certificates are in three levels, called degrees, I, II, and III.   

At the Isbourne there are two Reiki Masters offering courses and treatments, both teaching Reiki but with slightly different emphases and personal styles. Jo Fellows teaches from a Japanese perspective and Janie Whittemore teaches more in the western style. Both have their roots in the original Reiki handed down from its originator, Dr Mikao Usui. Every teacher comes with the sum of their own experiences that will inform their teaching, and it is important to find someone that you feel is right for you. Your Reiki teacher should offer ongoing guidance as you gain experience. Whether you want to learn for yourself or to become a Reiki practitioner, listen to your intuition and ask as many questions as you want to. You can also come to a Reiki Share evening, where practitioners gather to talk about and practise Reiki to find out more.   

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Calling all holistic practitioners and mind-body-spirit professionals!

 Graham Boston, former publisher of the long-running Connections magazine, has started a new networking group at the Isbourne Holistic Centre, with the aim of helping holistic practitioners become more successful in business. It will provide a forum for exchanging news and ideas; learning new business skills; flagging up forthcoming events; sharing best practice and passing on and receiving referrals. Each meeting will include a short presentation offering practical tips for your practice, whilst there will be plenty of opportunity for making new contacts and friendships.

 Entrance is £5, which includes tea/coffee and a slice of home-made cake from the Isbourne Cafe. The first meeting starts 3pm on Friday 6th of March, and there are currently only 10 places left.

To reserve your place, please email before 11am Friday.



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The Gloucestershire Holistic Networking Group aims to provide an opportunity to: make new contacts and friendships with fellow holistic practitioners and other professionals in the mind-body-spirit...





Reiki (Ray-Key) is now widely known of and accepted by many, in all corners of the globe. Fifteen years ago, when I mentioned it to people many of them had never heard of it, and I was met with some pretty blank faces!  Nowadays people from all sections of industry and society give and receive Reiki.  Its use is particularly appreciated in hospitals and hospices, and with the increase in cancer rates more people are turning to complementary medicine to support them through their treatment.

The use of energy to heal others has been around in various forms for as long as we have, and longer. There are many schools and variations of Reiki, but essentially they all channel healing energy to a person, animal, place or object. To do this, the practitioner usually places their hands on or above the body in different positions.

The recipient feels relaxed and calm, releases stress, and often falls asleep during a treatment while work is done on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. 

The most well known version of the treatment is called Usui Reiki and is derived from the teachings of Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk born in 1865. It is said he received a healing attunement to Reiki whilst on a fasting retreat which he was then able to pass on to others. Usui set up a successful clinic and treated hundreds of people. In fact Reiki was - and still is - seen not just as the treatment itself, but as a way of life, akin to Buddhist philosophy, overseen by five main principles. These are usually represented thus:

Just for today:

  • Don’t get angry
  • Don’t worry
  • Be grateful
  • Be diligent in your business.
  • Be kind to all beings

Reiki sessions are for those who want to slow down, get back in tune with themselves, and give themselves an opportunity to re-connect to Universal Life
reiki treatment 5Force energy – which is in everything and all around us, but can be depleted in times of stress and illness. Interestingly, the giver of Reiki, the channel through which it passes, can benefit as much as the receiver.

William Rand, Reiki research and training pioneer, writes this about the experience of having a Reiki practice:

People coming to you with many different problems, difficulties and illnesses sometimes as a last resort. Watching them leave relaxed, often radiant with joy and new hope. …..Seeing some make major changes and life adjustments. Occasionally witnessing miracles…....Being raised into ever greater levels of joy and peace by simply placing your hands on another. Watching your life grow and develop as your continual immersion in Reiki transforms your attitudes, values and beliefs...... Sensing that because of your commitment to help others, beings of light are focusing their love and healing on you and carefully guiding you on your spiritual path. This is the promise of a developing Reiki practice.

The great thing is, you don’t have to be ill to receive Reiki; it is always pleasant to take time out and allow yourself to be lulled into a peaceful, calm state, where your body’s natural relaxation response can be given a chance to take effect.

If you would like to receive or learn Reiki, please contact me, Janie on 07807 914817 or Sessions and courses take place at the Isbourne Centre. 





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